God Knows

Younger sister: I thought blasphemous was when someone’s really fat.

YS Chronicles – Fat Troosers

Younger Sister: Those trousers are waaay to big for you. It’s like you’re wearing your dad’s……and that your dad’s fat.

YS Chronicles – Brighton Edition

Younger sister: Oh no, I’ve lost my hair clip! Saima: That’s the second time today! Let’s retrace our steps to find it. Younger sister: What’s the point? It’s probably already been shipped to Taiwan and stripped for parts.

The YS Chronicles

“It’s weird when you’re searching for stuff. That’s when you realise people are such losers, making websites about vegetables and stuff.” (My 12 year old sister whilst doing homework for her Food class at school.) Which brings me rather loosely onto the subject of mobile phones. I love my phone but it fails in one… Continue reading The YS Chronicles