God Knows

Younger sister: I thought blasphemous was when someone’s really fat.


  1. that’s it.. I’m adding the term to urbandictionary.com now… saima.. congratulations, you’re a slang godess!
    oh… after that lil bit o’ ‘shirk’ lemme wish you a happy Eid to make up for it 😉

    seriously read a dictionary “younger sister” lol!!
    p.s…. to saima – “its ugly , but inventive”

  3. yeh ano!!! its propa funny!
    ” i like your jeans, U GOT A MAN??”
    :):) lol :):)
    gd times, gd times! Xxx

  4. Let me handle this…’Takes one to know one Smith’…Yes, I can feel him retreating…Oh yes, I can taste Smith’s head hangin, backwards stepping shame…tastes like chicken

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