YS Chronicles: Pop

Me: I should be a DJ. Younger sister: You’d be rubbish, you have no idea what young people are listening to these days! Me: Yes I do! YS: Ok, who sings that “I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad” song? Me:…Chabillionaire?

YS Chronicles: Tranny

Trying to convince other sister to get over her fear of high heels. Younger sister 2: Grow some balls and wear some heels!…Wait…

YS Chronicles: Twins

Whilst watching Good Charlotte on t’telly. Younger sister 2: They’re so twinny! Saima: What do you mean? Younger sister 2: They look so alike…especially one of them. [For more YS Chronicles, visit the archive.]

The Cousin Chronicles

Cousin: I think I was Martin Luther King in a former life. Saima:… Cousin: I used to think I was Notorious BIG but then I realised he died after I was born.


On the subject of Josh Hartnett Saima: He seems a bit slow…perhaps he’s from the Deep South. Younger sister: Where’s that? Essex?