YS Chronicles: Pop

Me: I should be a DJ. Younger sister: You’d be rubbish, you have no idea what young people are listening to these days! Me: Yes I do! YS: Ok, who sings that “I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad” song? Me:…Chabillionaire?

Blackstreet at IndigO2

Yesterday my sister and I went to see Blackstreet at the IndigO2 venue within the O2 arena. We had to wait two hours for Blackstreet to get on stage but the DJs played New Jack Swing the whole time so I wasn’t complaining, though my feet were. When they did eventually get on stage they started… Continue reading Blackstreet at IndigO2


I’ve been going Polyvore crazy as of late. How addictive is it?! Check out my Giggidy collection; a group of outfits designed for the gig goers amongst you. Or you can wear them any other time and they will be just as stylish.

Mix Tape

Making mix tapes used to be so much fun but now with MP3s they’ve become a part of history. So how can we bring some of that fun back? Here’s some ideas to make sharing music a pleasure again. This USB stick is housed in a retro “cassette” box, how 80s! If you prefer to… Continue reading Mix Tape