Mix Tape

Making mix tapes used to be so much fun but now with MP3s they’ve become a part of history. So how can we bring some of that fun back? Here’s some ideas to make sharing music a pleasure again. This USB stick is housed in a retro “cassette” box, how 80s! If you prefer to… Continue reading Mix Tape

MJ Day

Michael Jackson announced tour dates in London today (I was there!) so in his honour here are the best MJ picks from Etsy.  Michael Jackson print – $20 Jacko T-shirt – $18 Recycled Vinyl Records Michael Jackson BAD Bowl Wall Art – $8 Zombeh – $50 This print from Yamen requires a special mention, I love… Continue reading MJ Day


I’m a terrible Londoner who should know how unpredictable the weather can be around these parts. When I left work today it was snowing; I had no gloves, stupid shoes on and no umbrella! I had to splash out £18 for an umbrella from Accessorize; way more than I’d normally spend but desperate times… I… Continue reading Umbrella-ella-ella