Quality, Value and Crap.

I think I may finally have evidence that suggests that my sister is in fact my sister and not an alien imposter. She says disappointedly whilst watching Hobby and Craft Day on QVC, “Oooooh, I wish it was Craft Day every day…” Me too kiddo, me too.

Hasta la vista

Younger sister: Oh I don’t like him (points to Arnie on the screen). Wasn’t he in “The Communicator”? Everyone falls about laughing for a few minutes. Me: Yeah I can imagine how that would be scary. “Sarah Connor?” “Yes.” “I have been sent here to kill you but before I do, let’s talk about the… Continue reading Hasta la vista


This is mainly for my sister who tends to hog shotgun while we’re up in Glasgow. I had my hand on the door dammit! And this is probably the best Mirror Project photo explanation I’ve read. Song Recommendation of the Day: Title: Child of the Wild West Artist: Cypress Hill Where have I heard this… Continue reading Shotgun!


My room, 10.30 pm, hovering near the computer: Younger sister: (out of the blue) I learnt a new word today. Saima: What? Younger sister: Hyperbole Saima: That’s a new one. Younger sister: You don’t know? Saima: Well, I’ve heard of hyperbola in maths. Younger sister: It’s like exaggeration, like, “I was waiting for ten years”… Continue reading Hyperbola

What's in a name?

Wednesday 13th 2000 @ 1.45am in my nan’s living room, watching a movie. Younger sister: (out of the blue) Why don’t people ever call their son Tin. Saima: Ya what? Younger sister: Why don’t they ever call their sons Tin. Saima: Because it’s not a name maybe? Younger sister: Well, we have Tim, why not… Continue reading What's in a name?