YS Chronicles – Fat Troosers

Younger Sister: Those trousers are waaay to big for you. It’s like you’re wearing your dad’s……and that your dad’s fat.


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  2. YS chronicles for president!
    Reminds me of an old Bobby Slayton musing:
    ‘My wife always asks me awkard questions, the other day she walked in with Jeans on and asked “Do these Jeans make my backside look big? Be honest”. I said you want honesty, fine, the Jeans don’t make your backside look big,
    its your backside that makes your backside look big, don’t blame the jeans, they’re doing everything they can to hold your backside in’
    But everyone knows, Backsides were not meant to be small…God told me, through a Burning bush in my back garden..the bush plays 2 Live Crew videos
    all day long.

  3. Funny you should say that. Was just driving my sisters back from somewhere and they were blasting Baby Got Back on the iPod….trying to hide whilst driving doesn’t work.

  4. No. Big Bums should not be set on fire, that is a no no.
    I was just sharing my experience of God telling me about how cool big bums are, and of course he likes to talk via burning bushes. God also tried to tell me to invest in ebay, when it first started, but it was raining that day 🙁

  5. Hey, just realised the Tazman’s got a site in the works. Looking forward to it!
    (Fear my ability to click on hyperlinks)

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