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“It’s weird when you’re searching for stuff. That’s when you realise people are such losers, making websites about vegetables and stuff.” (My 12 year old sister whilst doing homework for her Food class at school.)
Which brings me rather loosely onto the subject of mobile phones. I love my phone but it fails in one area, I can’t take pictures in the dark. Samsung have remedied that problem and released the Samsung SGH-X600 with integrated flash and night mode. I’ll wait however until Nokia bring out something similar. I’ve never had a mobile phone that wasn’t a Nokia and I’m not about to start now.


  1. pretty. i don’t think we’ve got those models here yet.
    doesn’t matter. i still can’t understand why i’ve even got a cellphone when i make less than three calls a week.

  2. i’m still kicking myself for getting my samsung, i can just about make calls and send texts with it. still, a pretty good camera. i might go for the nokia 6600 when it becomes widely available and give this one the boot!

  3. I have some old junk mobile with no monitor, a huge antenna, and about three minutes of battery life. It also has no brand name. You must charge it for a day for about 3 hours of service. I need a new phone, but I dont make many calls, and the money would go to waste.

  4. The phone I am waiting for would have a camera with a flash. It would have digital radio, loadsa flash memory (upgradable) which could be used to store data and video (if you decide to use your camera in that way), a huge capacity for mp3s and worldwide Sat Nav software and a USB2 port or some such to download photos and to upgrade the software quickly. It will also be recyclable and dead nice to look at without being poncey and shiney. May be it should have wireless networking capability, could be handy, not clear about that one. I don’t need it to be a PDA with appointments stuff (scratch arse at 3:10pm) and MS Office and all that. Well may be I’d want that in the future (3:10). Till then my old Nokia 6310 will do.

  5. I think you’re missing out. Went from a Nokia to a SonyEricsson phone a couple of years ago, and would never go back! 🙂

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