Happy New Year

I read somewhere that it is the impurities in gemstones that give them their colour. Beautiful.


  1. well, there’s a factoid out of the blue, or have you been gemstoned by someone?
    some gemstones get their color from bombarding them with x-rays or other radiation

  2. Nah, it was just a random fact floating around in my head. I was really moved when I first read it, it seems quite poetic. Colour me silly.

  3. You can always use permanent marker on zirconia for that special laydeee. Shows that you are willing to make an effort which I think is lovely.

  4. I really wonder sometimes about the things that float around in your head…must be like a bubble emerging from all the daily chaos of life.

  5. Gems are wonderful, as is good comedy. Right, now that I’ve made a concession to the topic, vote for either ‘Yes Minister’ or ‘Porridge’ or ‘Only Fools and Horses’ as Britain’s best sitcom. (Pity there is no Father Ted or Red Dwarf in the top 10). I’m sorry, but for some reason I care about this.

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