YS Chronicles: I watched The Passion of the Christ

Younger sister: My current list of hot guys is Justin Timberlake, Hayden Christensen and John the Disciple.


  1. the sister saima is talking about would sooo say that.
    i can’t stop laughing
    love ya (hee hee)

  2. hahaha lol ! i think i know who that is…jon the disciple! hes not muslim!! tutut im telling aunty!! lol haha
    my list is way too loonngg:
    nigel harmen! cassidy! thierry henry! sean Faris! cristiano Ronaldo! nelly! mos def- he kinda cute! ! tyson beckford! tay diggs! chad micheal murry! jack,sawyer & boone from lost! loads more

  3. Hmmm, John the Disciple is quite fit, but have you seen the prophet Joseph? As my mum would say “pwoooaaaarrr, I’ll ‘ave a bit of that”

  4. Come one, seriously, what on earth is so attractive about jt? He looks like he is about to break into tears at any moment. He’s a kid… i bet his real name is Eugene and he got severely beaten up at school.
    And that fake beard he puts on now is just ridiculous. Ok he never reached puberty, but whats with the fake whiskers? Come jt, be proud, be lame, its ok…

  5. And Hayden Christensen is unable to act… And I thought Keanu “I have the acting ability of a log” Reeves was bad…

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