Easter Egg Shortbread Biscuits

It’s been a while since I baked shortbread biscuits. Eight years to be precise. I made about 150 of them for a birthday party in 2010 and decorated them all individually with different chocolate patterns. Obviously the PTSD was so bad, it’s taken me eight years to recover and make them again. I prefer shortbread… Continue reading Easter Egg Shortbread Biscuits

Stir Fry For Dummies

Over the last few weeks, coming home from work and cooking whilst listening to some music has become one of my greatest pleasures in life. Sometimes it is accompanied by some great dancing but mostly there is lot of terrible singing involved. Today I decided a prawn stir fry would hit the mark for a… Continue reading Stir Fry For Dummies

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Jamie Oliver takes over the world

Jamie Oliver is everywhere right now and for good reason. He has had great success with school dinners in the UK and USA, his many restaurants openings and other projects. Currently he is promoting 30-Minute Meals; I’ve bought the book and am really enjoying the TV series. I think it’s a great idea for this… Continue reading Jamie Oliver takes over the world

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A Review of Cakes by Shelly in Eaton Bray, Luton

I don’t like complaining but when I receive such terrible customer service I feel it my duty to warn others so they don’t make the same mistake. For my sister’s 19th birhday party she wanted a special cake so she ordered a topsy turvy one from Cakes by Shelly in Eaton Bray (near Luton, Dunstable… Continue reading A Review of Cakes by Shelly in Eaton Bray, Luton