Interesting Things I've Eaten This Week

This has been an interesting week, food wise. I’ve been struggling to get back to healthy eating which in my case means reduced carbs due to my insulin resistance problems. As it is with any healthy eating plan I try to undertake I find myself making excuses as to why I can’t start that particular week. (Heaven forbid I start one mid-week. No, it must always be a Monday.) My excuse this time around was my new job. I can’t possibly adjust to a new routine on lettuce leaves and tuna!
So instead of that I have gone completely the opposite way and eaten lots of nonsense (but yummy) food. My pancreas has sent me hate mail in response.
Cardamom Chocolate. Sometimes you find a food item in the house that nobody knows the origin of. But you eat it anyway. I spotted a box of “Diwali” chocolates in the kitchen cupboard and intrigued mainly by the glitzy packaging and the novelty of Asian festival branded chocolates, I tucked in. It would have been easy to take ordinary chocolates, label them with Happy Diwali and call it a day but the producers have tried to experiment with unique flavours, some of which are delicious. Now, I am used to finding cardamom in sweet dishes since many Indian sweets incorporate the spice, but this particular combo was a bit strange. Kind of like eating chocolate and brushing your teeth at the same time.
Super (Duper) Humous Salad from Pret. This is not technically a nonsense food but in my case, at 25.2g of carbohydrates per pack I think I can safely class it as one. I’m not quite sure why duper needs to be in brackets but I think the claim to the salad’s “super” nature is due to the seeds that have been sprinkled on top. These seeds quite frankly seem like a poor after thought as they all fall to the bottom of the box so that you spend the rest of the afternoon trying but failing to fish them out with a fork. The humous is indeed chunky and suffers for it. Humous already suspiciously resembles post-food, must we highlight this further with chunks? The real winner in this salad is the feta which I had previously written-off along with its other cousin cheeses but in fact went well with the other ingredients. This salad promises so much but if my favourite ingredient in it is a cheese then it has sorely failed. I much prefer the tastier version from M&S.
Chips on the DLR. No, the District Light Railway hasn’t introduced a catering cart to their fleet. We were out flat hunting and feeling particularly pikey, we decided to get some chips for the journey home. We’re not DLR aficionado so were quite surprised that the DRIVER SITS WITH YOU. No separate cubicle for the driver, he must sit with the rest of us plebs, driving the train with a pathetically tiny joystick. We shared our chips with him as consolation. Not really, the striking bastard.

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