I am the DJ

I’m organising the music for a party this weekend. Any song suggestions? Meanwhile, a mini tour of Japanese art. Elmer Fudd translates this web page. In fact the Cockney one is exactly what I sound like…init.

Right on, right on

Monique has expressed precisely my feelings about the web lately. Let’s start a revolution. When I can be arsed. Note: Sea monkeys are an anti-climax. Song Recommendation of the Day: Title: Rock the Boat Artist: Aaliyah The mood created: Sudden urge to take a ferry ride from Dover to Calais and proceed in making a… Continue reading Right on, right on

How rude

Recently I’ve just been signed up to Bloglet. Yeah, great tool but someone subscribed for me without even informing me! I am capable of making my own decisions and subscribing myself. I’ve been subscribed to http://foolishness.net, a site I’ve never even visited before! The cheek of it all. Song Recommendation of the Day: Title: Red… Continue reading How rude

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This is mainly for my sister who tends to hog shotgun while we’re up in Glasgow. I had my hand on the door dammit! And this is probably the best Mirror Project photo explanation I’ve read. Song Recommendation of the Day: Title: Child of the Wild West Artist: Cypress Hill Where have I heard this… Continue reading Shotgun!

Same old brand new me

Well it looks like I’m back. But why the boring old page you may ask. And an answer ye shall receive. Mainly because I came up with about five fancy schmancy designs that just didn’t do it for me. It got to a point where I gave up but then thought all I really want… Continue reading Same old brand new me