Same old brand new me

Well it looks like I’m back. But why the boring old page you may ask. And an answer ye shall receive. Mainly because I came up with about five fancy schmancy designs that just didn’t do it for me. It got to a point where I gave up but then thought all I really want to do is write. So here you have it. My ramblings without all the fluffiness. When I have more time I might jazz this place up a bit but for now, it’s just you, me and a white page. I still love you.
While I was away, I figured out that large tongues freak me out, mini people dancing on my computer screen please me and that the periodic table isn’t as boring as it may seem. It’s a shame it took me so long to figure the last one out considering I’ll finish my degree in chemistry in a month or so.
Q: Do the questions in the brain of your icon indicate that it’s missing?
A: Yes.


  1. Why do MoveableType pages always look so clean? πŸ™‚ Nice and gentle on the eyes, nicely done – what happened to proto-sci-blog?

  2. Maybe because the MT interface is so clean itself and promotes umm cleanliness.
    The Sciblog is here. Still working on it. Any people interested in Science that would also be interested in posting on Sciblog?

  3. Regarding the comment on your links page… I’m not travelling the whole world, just two continents and some islands between them…

  4. tahira stole my idea….Sai Sai I am loving the new style…clean cut, contemporary (oh big word) and definately sexy πŸ™‚

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