My husband keeps saying I need to write a blog post about the birth of our son. He was born in January this year and I’ve told myself that the last five months have been way too busy. I think however, it may just be because any post I could envisage would not do justice to such a momentous occasion and would inevitably end up being cheesy.
So on this occasion I won’t write about the difficulties we encountered in conceiving him and how one miraculous day we just did without any significant intervention. I won’t tell you about the pregnancy and its highs and lows. I won’t speak of the harrowing labour and the emergency Caesarean to get him out. I won’t say how you don’t just love your child, you fall in love with him. Instead, here’s a photo of the most fantastic human being we have ever met and a thank you to all who have shared in our happiness.


  1. I fell for him too, he has that affect on people! Such a joy to see you both as parents, and that wee fella is going to light up your lives… With his crappachinos….!!!! Hugs! Xx

  2. Awww the lil cutie pa-too-tie! He’s so great as are Mummy and Abu Ahmad-Anwar. Aydin brings all of us joy and it’s been so great to have been able to spend time seeing him grow and develop so far already. Lots of love and you’ve written a great post with an even greater picture! Xx

  3. I’m gobsmacked… How did I not know about this? Clearly too many hours, days, weeks, months away from Twitter. I’d only just begun to get used to you being married, but now you’re a mother too!
    Congratulations! Very happy for you! Aaaaand, he’s mega-cute!
    Well anyway, wish us luck… 3 weeks and counting until D-Day… Perhaps they can be FB friends 😉

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