Cool Cousin

My cousin sent me three links today and all three are blogworthy.
Elmo testifies in favour of school music education. Elmo in a suit?!? How cute is that?
Oh bugger, I missed the Channel 4 programme, “The Truth about Gay Animals”. But here you can find out if your pet is gay and also how gay you are yourself. I am 33% gay: “You’re a straight-laced girlie girl with just a hint of your butch side sometimes poppingup”. I’m sure this test is 89.5% accurate too.
If you’re interested in Forensic Science and/or love the programme CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, check out their site. The Handbook and Crime Lab sections are particularly informative


  1. elmo would make mr. blackwell’s worst dressed list for sure. the tie clashes with his face. a complimentary color would have been better. maybe a frog tie.

  2. I have to question the validity of that test. The only things they think make you gay (if you’re a woman) is knowing how to change the oil etc.

  3. Wow, I’m a lot gayer than I thought I was. 40%? I might have to buy some leather pants soon … I have to agree with Saima on the test validity. It’s not very scientific now is it?

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