Upstairs, downstairs

Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs….can’t anyone else get the goddamn door for a change?


If there’s one thing I can’t stand its gossipers. And unfortunately they’re proficient in this neighbourhood. They’ll ‘prove’ to you that so-and-so is going out with so-and-so…how? Well because their friend’s cousins dog’s wife’s nephew saw them together of course. What more evidence do we need? They’ll gather around at someone’s house, ready, steady, go!… Continue reading Gossip

Life is not Good

Don’t let happiness fool you. Just when you think everything’s going well, you’re content with your life, you’ve just got over all the horrible things that have happened to you, don’t worry, something will be around the corner to kick you to the ground again. You have been warned.

Caller ID

You know those people who phone you and don’t have a damn thing to say? They should be shot basically. I have this ‘person’ who phones me and keeps me on the phone for hours literally, and the conversation reaches such climatic highs as “So how’s the weather over there?” Knock me down with a… Continue reading Caller ID