I used to be a well behaved kid contrary to what this picture may show. I’d stay exactly where my mum would leave me for hours. Not moving because I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty. I’d stay away from all the naughty children and even tell them to refrain from acitivities that would… Continue reading Waaaaaah!

Feel like Chicken tonight?

In some ways I’m glad I’m a selective vegetarian. Especially in McDonald’s. It decreases the chances of weird freak food accidents. You know the type. Where they accidentally give you a chicken head instead of chicken nuggets. “But Saima, that would never happen!” Tell that to the mother of two who demanded $100,000 for their… Continue reading Feel like Chicken tonight?

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Same old brand new me

Well it looks like I’m back. But why the boring old page you may ask. And an answer ye shall receive. Mainly because I came up with about five fancy schmancy designs that just didn’t do it for me. It got to a point where I gave up but then thought all I really want… Continue reading Same old brand new me