When my sister and I saw this on the news this morning, she said “It’s bad that someone sold them, let alone that someone bought them!” If she can see it, why can’t they? She’s nine years old!

Just Say No

I know I’m going to sound like a grandma, but after reading the following news article all I can say is “What is this world coming to?!?”: A three-year-old boy was found with a small amount of cannabis at his nursery school. The youngster was found with the drug by a teacher at the school,… Continue reading Just Say No

Bush Attack

Did he win? Nah, they’re doing a recount in Florida or something. Man, I wanted Gore to win, he has the cooler name and that. I guess that statement shows how much I know about American politics. Some people feel very strongly about this whole thing, and so they should. It’s your country and all.… Continue reading Bush Attack

Slow News Day

I switch on to watch the news and one of today’s headlines was: The Queen Mother is recovering at home after falling as she was getting back into her car following a dinner at a London hotel. An eye witness said: “She was getting into her car when she lost her balance and fell. It… Continue reading Slow News Day