Belfast Beauties

I’m back from my weekend in Belfast and I must say, it was a great deal of fun. A whole bunch of us went there for a wedding and what a beautiful event it was. The venue was gorgeous; think waterfalls, sweeping staircases and large baroque decorations. The reception hall was set up with punch bowls, tea and homemade shortbread. Dinner was held in another hall where the ceilings displayed paintings of cute little cherubs. Traditional sitar and tabla players provided a calm ambience whilst we tucked into a lovely meal.

 Belfast Beauties 1

All in all, a beautiful night. I was especially impressed with the flower displays, some of which incorporated peacock feathers which was a nice touch. I especially liked the birdcages that had flowers woven through the bars.

Belfast Beauties 2 Belfast Beauties 3

Besides the wedding, I did get some time to explore the city centre. I came across a fantastic lifestyle and clothing store which I practially spent all my time in and then took my husband back there the next day because it was so wonderful. Stay tuned this week for more about the shop and this site’s first ever giveaway competition!