SaimaSaid: ammar let me tell

SaimaSaid: ammar let me tell u a story
SaimaSaid: when i first started on the web
SaimaSaid: i saw all these amazing sites
SaimaSaid: and i wanted to be a aprt of their clan
SaimaSaid: the elite
SaimaSaid: i wanted to be in their ‘clique’
SaimaSaid: but no one liked me
SaimaSaid: and i tried to join this
Netfrack: acha
SaimaSaid: clique
Netfrack: uh huh
SaimaSaid: cos it had this cute little graphic
SaimaSaid: to display t show u were a part of it
Netfrack: mm hmm
Netfrack: hehe ok
SaimaSaid: and all the ‘best’ sites were members
SaimaSaid: so i tried to join etc
SaimaSaid: but to no avail
SaimaSaid: and then i stopped caring
SaimaSaid: that was the time i got
SaimaSaid: and i wanted to do my own thing
SaimaSaid: have my own style
SaimaSaid: and forget everyone else
SaimaSaid: (i still yearned for the little graphic though because it was so cute)
Netfrack: mm hmm
SaimaSaid: the site i wanted to join was
Netfrack: still have the graphic?
Netfrack: lemme see
SaimaSaid: and guess what
SaimaSaid: now they want me
SaimaSaid: and i get to display the graphic
Netfrack: hahaa
SaimaSaid: when ive stopped caring
SaimaSaid: haha
SaimaSaid: but ill still display it
SaimaSaid: as a sign of my web development
Netfrack: waaaow
Netfrack: saima
Netfrack: you should tell me more stories like these 🙂
SaimaSaid: haha
SaimaSaid: boring eh
Netfrack: your story telling style is umatched!
SaimaSaid: hahaha
Netfrack: NO NO
Netfrack: i liked that story
SaimaSaid: 🙂
Netfrack: OMG
SaimaSaid: i should put that story up on my site
Netfrack: ahah aw c’mon
Netfrack: it’ll make them cry
SaimaSaid: hehe