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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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May 12th, 2010
Sleeping With The Enemy

It’s finally official; David Cameron is the new Prime Minister and the Tories are in power all be it “shared” with the Liberal Democrats. Oy vey.

As someone who voted for the Lib Dems I have mixed feelings about this.

  1. I voted for Lib Dems because I did not want the Conservatives in power and, you know, believe in socialism. Now that Nick Clegg and his troops are bezzy mates with David Cameron’s posse I can’t help but feel they have let me down; they’ve sold out man!
  2. This is the most power the Lib Dems have had for decades. They won enough seats that the Tories needed them to form this coalition and maybe now they can make an actual difference rather than being the “wasted vote” party.

I guess I should concentrate on point number two but seeing David Cameron outside Number 10 was close to making me vom.

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