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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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July 28th, 2002
5 Questions (Part 14)

Simon asks:
Have you ever made a fool of yourself with an ironing board?
Yes. Just yesterday I tried to use it as a surf board. How was I to know?
Have you ever invented any words? If yes, please state.
I made up flubala and throkuyano. I have yet to make up their meanings though.
Do you know where Leatherhead is?
On the Leatherneck?
Did you ever write to Jim’ll Fix It?
I asked him to stop giving me nightmares.
Would you consider having my children?
I thought we already had some.

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July 28th, 2002
Five Things I Hate

1) Eating noises
2) People who get easily excited
3) Dance music
4) Gossip
5) Choking

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July 28th, 2002
Fashion-a-holic (Part 3)

These are traditional Pakistani shoes called coosay. Made out of hard leather they can be so uncomfortable but get the right ones and you’re sorted. Worn with shalwar kameez they look fab, worn with jeans (like below) not so fab. But I think I’ll create a new fashion statement.

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July 28th, 2002
Am I right or what?

I think this could in fact be the best page in the universe. This guy is hilarious. Will you marry me?

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July 28th, 2002
A society?!

This saddens me. There doesn’t need to be a society or strategies for God’s sake. It’s a game six year olds play to settle playground disputes.

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July 28th, 2002
5 Questions (Part 13)

Asher asks:
Congratulations! Saima is announced as one of the TOP 10 sensuous women by Askmen Magazine. “How do you feel at the moment Saima, for this entire honor?”
I think there’s been some sort of mistake…
According to the latest research published in Medical Herald “Chocolate increases the love passion in girls”. How much chocolate do you think is good for a girl’s intake?
Copious amounts. It releases the happy hormone.
Why is always the term “IN LAWS” is used for the in-laws, when they are all mostly “OUT LAWS”?
Because that’s the legend and everyone tries their hardest to keep the stereotypes alive.
Saima has a biggest crush for a guy. Cupid feels mercy for Saima, and the guy calls up Saima, takes her out for a good time. They watch the Oprah together & then head for a posh restaurant for a hearty dinner. Sitting on the table, the guy holds Saima’s hand & tells her that she is simply adorable and that he adores her because of her very much resemblance with her dead sister. Explain Saima’s feelings at the moment?
Oprah?? You cheapskate! I prefer Jerry Springer.
Some children were playing in the playground in front of our housing society. One said “My dad is better then yours”
The second said “No, my father is far much better then your dad”
The third one said “My brother is better then yours”
The second boy said “Hmm, it’s simply impossible”
The first one said again “My mom is better then yours”
“Well that’s right, you won!” all others said in one voice. “Because our dads think the same too.”
Explain some truths about why people like their own children & wives of others BETTER?

Grass is greener and that’s the only thing you can change. You can’t change your kids can you?

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July 28th, 2002

This is harder than I thought.

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July 27th, 2002
Fashion-a-holic (Part 2)

These are my Miffy bags. I’m so proud of them. They’re useless because they’re too small but who cares? They’re cute!

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July 27th, 2002
Why I’m accused of having bad taste in men (Part 2)

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July 27th, 2002
5 Questions (Part 12)

Aneesa asks:
Is it possible to love someone over the net?
Anything is possible. But care is needed. You may be loving someone fictitious.
Is there life as we know it on another planet?
Coffee/tea? Coke/pepsi? Sunset/sunrise? Mountain/beaches?
Tea, coke, sunsets and beaches.
Would you give up your life in an instant if you had to for someone you love? If so, for whom? What do you think is the most satisfying feelin in the world? What is the strongest emotion also?
I don’t know, I’ve never felt that strongly about someone and I love my family too much. The strongest emotion is jealousy, makes you do crazy stuff.

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