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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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November 17th, 2010




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November 13th, 2010
Interesting Things I’ve Eaten This Week

This has been an interesting week, food wise. I’ve been struggling to get back to healthy eating which in my case means reduced carbs due to my insulin resistance problems. As it is with any healthy eating plan I try to undertake I find myself making excuses as to why I can’t start that particular week. (Heaven forbid I start one mid-week. No, it must always be a Monday.) My excuse this time around was my new job. I can’t possibly adjust to a new routine on lettuce leaves and tuna!

So instead of that I have gone completely the opposite way and eaten lots of nonsense (but yummy) food. My pancreas has sent me hate mail in response.

Cardamom Chocolate. Sometimes you find a food item in the house that nobody knows the origin of. But you eat it anyway. I spotted a box of “Diwali” chocolates in the kitchen cupboard and intrigued mainly by the glitzy packaging and the novelty of Asian festival branded chocolates, I tucked in. It would have been easy to take ordinary chocolates, label them with Happy Diwali and call it a day but the producers have tried to experiment with unique flavours, some of which are delicious. Now, I am used to finding cardamom in sweet dishes since many Indian sweets incorporate the spice, but this particular combo was a bit strange. Kind of like eating chocolate and brushing your teeth at the same time.

Super (Duper) Humous Salad from Pret. This is not technically a nonsense food but in my case, at 25.2g of carbohydrates per pack I think I can safely class it as one. I’m not quite sure why duper needs to be in brackets but I think the claim to the salad’s “super” nature is due to the seeds that have been sprinkled on top. These seeds quite frankly seem like a poor after thought as they all fall to the bottom of the box so that you spend the rest of the afternoon trying but failing to fish them out with a fork. The humous is indeed chunky and suffers for it. Humous already suspiciously resembles post-food, must we highlight this further with chunks? The real winner in this salad is the feta which I had previously written-off along with its other cousin cheeses but in fact went well with the other ingredients. This salad promises so much but if my favourite ingredient in it is a cheese then it has sorely failed. I much prefer the tastier version from M&S.

Chips on the DLR. No, the District Light Railway hasn’t introduced a catering cart to their fleet. We were out flat hunting and feeling particularly pikey, we decided to get some chips for the journey home. We’re not DLR aficionado so were quite surprised that the DRIVER SITS WITH YOU. No separate cubicle for the driver, he must sit with the rest of us plebs, driving the train with a pathetically tiny joystick. We shared our chips with him as consolation. Not really, the striking bastard.

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November 1st, 2010
Tenth Bloggiversary

Today, this here blog turned ten years old. I had a party, in my head. Everyone who has ever visited this blog attended; we ate cupcakes and drank tea all day. We reminisced. It was nice.

Previously on Saima Says

If you missed the last ten years here’s a quickish recap.

2000: In November of this year I first posted on the blog. I had a blog before but this was the first time I wrote on SaimaSays.com. I obviously had a lot of time on my hands as I was taking a year out from university; this is evident by the frequency of posts.

I was working at NTL (now Virgin Media) at the time as a Customer Service Representative and really not enjoying being shouted at by irate customers all day. Unfortunately I told my manager about the blog and she brought up some of the topics of my posts in our morning meetings. Highly embarassing. This was a wake up call for me and after this I never really told people I worked with about the site. It also scared me from writing anything too personal which is a shame really since I believe good writing is honest writing. I kept a separate private blog and also tried to develop thedj.nu, a music blog that never really took off. This year also saw the birth of the Younger Sister Chronicles.

2001: After nearly twelve years, I made a trip out to Pakistan. I also started back at university for my final year. Between these two events, 911 happened and it changed the world as we know it. Being a Muslim, I got a lot of flack, on the Internet and in real life (strangers shouting abuse at me at train stations). The world wanted every Muslim to explain and distance themselves; I tried. Just the other week I had a conversation with a colleague in Switzerland where they’ve recently banned minarets and he said the same thing, ten years on and I’m still expected to shout my objections.

2002:  I carried on with my final year at university and I even graduated, yay me! As if you to show my love of science I tried to launch a science blog which failed miserably. I did however share two of my Philosophy of Science essays which you all loved(!) My angry artwork also received a lukewarm response.

I also took part in a 24-hour Blogathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. My working career began with what I thought would be a temporary role at the Cheese Factory but ended up staying there for five years.

I am woman, hear me roar

2003: This year I started sharing my love of photography with you all. My nan became quite ill so I found myself spending a lot of time in hospitals. Thankfully, she got better.

Also, remember the Three Word Blog? It was like Twitter but limited to three words. For a brief period, I went a bit doolally.

2004: This was a quiet year in blog terms but rest assured I was having fun in real life. I started The London Underground Adventures with a friend (and we still play that game to this day). I started studying to be a Chartered Accountant whilst working but thankfully, I didn’t get the obligatory personality lobotomy at the same time! My love of arts and crafts was born. My mum became very sick and I took a long break from blogging. Thankfully she pulled through but focus definitely shifted to non-blog activities.

Gloucester Road

2005: Ah, what a year. I met the love of my life, Sol, and thanks in part to this blog, I tricked him into thinking I was awesome! Muhahahaha etc. A bit slow on the uptake but I watched the Star Wars movies for the first time. This blog celebrated it’s fifth anniversary. This was definitely one of the best years ever due to aforementioned Love Of Life.

2006: This was a mixed emotions kind of year. Sol and I got engaged and I got a massive promotion which propelled my career in a way I had never imagined. I also started baking and never looked back.

But then my aunt (mum’s sister) lost her battle to leukemia which devastated our family. Telling my mother this news was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. We all still carry the sadness with us every day.

2007: Blimey, bit of a quiet year blog-wise, eh? That’s because I got married, moved to London, got a new job at an Investment Bank and sat my final Chartered Accountancy exams. Busy busy bumblebees! My husband and I were busy discovering great comedy, going to gigs and generally having an awesome time. I also got myself a Twitter account and a Vox blog therefore the number of posts here slowly dwindled.

SS Baraat (55)

Best Day Ever!

2008: From January of this year I could officially call myself a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. This was another quiet year on the blog as we were holidaying quite a bit, Barcelona was particularly fun. We also took my parents and my mother-in-law to Mecca and Medina for the holy pilgrimmage of Hajj in November. Now there’s an experience I’m never going to forget. We spent the rest of the year trying to recover from the diseases we picked up from sharing campsites with three million other people.


Day of Arafat

2009: This wasn’t a great year for me health wise but helped by Sol I still managed to enjoy it. We went to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival together for the first time and it was such a blast we vowed to go again every year. I also took a trip with my girls to New York City; the greatest city in the world (after London!) I started yet another blog called Saima Says Style but then imported all the entries to this site.

Statue of Liberty

I want to go back, waah

2010: This year is now drawing to a close and what a busy one it’s been. Two of our close friends got married, we bought our first house together and I got a new job which I start in a week. We went back to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and hilarity ensued. (Being name checked by a comedian when he’s on stage is definitely a bizarre experience!)

We’re going to spend the rest of the year renovating our new home and possibly take a trip out to the States again.

The Future

So that’s what’s happened so far but what of the future? More blogging, more tweeting, but more importantly, more living! Thank you for visiting my blog over the last ten years.  I have made many new friends through this site, some of whom I still haven’t met but I’m going to try and remedy that one day. Watch out!

I hope you’ll stick around and join me for the rest of the ride. Here’s to another ten years! Please help yourself to a cupcake.


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