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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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August 21st, 2009
The NEW Argos Catalogue

In Liverpool Street Station ne’er a day goes by when there isn’t something being given away to the thousands of passengers that pass through. I’ve seen all sorts from food items to stationery to the Argos catalogue…umm, what?

Yes, that’s right. Today there were about five or six people giving out bags with a copy of the Argos catalogue in it, all shouting “get your Argos catalogue here” whilst thrusting the bags into our hands. Like it was the most exciting thing you’ll ever get. Like you can’t pick it up from Argos in your own time. Like you can’t visit their website if in fact you do need something from Argos in a real hurry. One of them shouts, “Get your catalogue here, ABSOULTELY FREE!” Like you’ve ever actually paid for one!

This shouldn’t shock me of course, Argos is the strangest store since Index.

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