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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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July 9th, 2006
Summer Exhibition 2006, Royal Academy of Arts

The Virgin Mother by Damien Hirst, Royal Academy of Arts, London

You have to see this in the “flesh” to truly appreciate it.

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July 4th, 2006
Thunderbolt and Lightning

The heat wave has been (temporarily?) cut short by a massive thunderstorm this afternoon. Hurrah!
You know that feeling of deja vu? Well I’m having it this afternoon as an acquaintance bangs on about the cruelty of halal animal slaughter vs. stunning etc. I’m all up for open debate but considering we had this same discussion a couple of years ago and I pointed her towards this study from the University of Hanover I am somewhat bored. I mentioned the study again to the response “I eat meat and all that but it’s still nasty int’ it?” Well you can’t argue with that eh?
Also, its not my birthday till January but when it comes around, this is on my wish list.
Unfortunately, I have had the songs from Team America stuck in my head all day. Not a problem except I have a tendency to sing tunes that are in my head out loud at times :/

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