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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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December 25th, 2005
YS Chronicles: I watched The Passion of the Christ

Younger sister: My current list of hot guys is Justin Timberlake, Hayden Christensen and John the Disciple.

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December 24th, 2005
Bah Humbug

I made a very important discovery recently. Being stuck in a traffic jam for an hour followed by a bowl of fruit salad makes me very spewy.

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December 21st, 2005
Weird ain’t always good

So, another entry to write in the “Weird things that happen to me” journal.
I was at a restaurant with a friend, flicking through 101 Things To Do Before You Die that aforementioned friend gave to me for Christmas, when a man walks past and then comes back to our table.
He then takes the book from me, puts his glasses on and starts to read it. Next thing you know, he has his two fingers, gun stylee, against my head and says “Okay, so I’m about to blow your brains out, which five things would you do?”
I umm and aah, trying to put to the back of my mind the feeling that I’m in some strange Pacino movie with a poor cast and even poorer script. I finally say I’d like to go to Egypt to see the Pyramids at Giza.
“What if I told you I could make that happen?”
“I’d say ‘how?'”
“I’m very rich.”
“Then I’d say ‘congratulations’…I’ll certainly remember you and this conversation though.”
“You’ll remember me as the bastard who promised you cash and never delivered.”
No, I’ll remember you as the man who put an imaginary gun to my head and gave me five last wishes before threatening to blow my brains out. Five. Generous.

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December 19th, 2005
Feeling Festive

‘Tis the season to become a fatty, tra la la la la la la *pant* la *wheeze* la *cough*
Everyone’s feeling jolly and generous around this time of year which means lots of chocolate around. Just looking at them is making my teeth ache. But thanks anyway!

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December 14th, 2005
Space Cadets

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December 13th, 2005
Sky Rocks

My mum reminds me that one time when I was about six or seven years old I was so frustrated at missing one of my beloved cartoons that I whined, “I wish we could rewind TV!”
Nineteen years later and I have Sky+ and it’s everything I imagined it to be. So worth the wait.

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December 11th, 2005

I was awoken this morning at six a.m. by the sound of a very loud noise which sounded like something rather large and heavy had hit my bedroom window. Many thoughts raced through my mind; a storm, a bomb, a place crash? I went to the window and peered outside and saw nothing on the horizon. My mind settled on the thunder from a storm theory and I crawled back into bed.
Around about half past six my mum came into my room and said she had also heard the sound and that there was thick black smoke in the sky. At that point many of the neighbours were out too and the news told of a possible plane crash. It turned out however that the explosion had happened at Buncefield, a fuel depot.
I was meeting some friends in London later on and as I travelled down on the train I went past the site, the thick cloud of black smoke was more prominent than ever and followed me all the way to my destination. Even when in the city, wisps of the black smoke were visible.
Scary marys.


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December 7th, 2005
The Tube

I came across this rather hilarious alternative tube map while doing some research on the London Underground. When I say I was doing research on the London Underground I don’t mean I was actually on the tube doing research; I mean I was conducting research about it…oh, forget it. I know what I meant and I know you know what I meant.
Need sleep.

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December 6th, 2005
Secret Santa

For the second year running, I’m organising the Secret Santa at work and believe me, what with mind changing and people who just can’t keep it quiet it’s not an easy task to coordinate. I wish I’d heard of Elfster before.

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December 4th, 2005
I’m baaaaaack

I was internet-less for a while hence the quiet time. Hope you didn’t miss me too much.
To make up for my absence, I’ve uploaded some new videos and photos to Vimeo and Flickr respectively; check them out on the right hand side. See? I still love you.
And as if the icing on an already yummy cake, I’m also going to recommend a track to you: Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada. Boy, do I spoil you.

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