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My name is Saima and I live in London, England. Welcome to my blog where I have been writing since November 2000. Please make yourself at home.

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August 12th, 2003
Flutter by

Photo captured on 12th April 2003 with Nokia 7250

I’m going to be a true Brit now and talk about the weather. Don’t switch off just yet!
It looks the the heatwave may be over and thankfully I survived. Just. You may have heard old Blighty topped it’s temperature records since, well, ever. This meant a difficult couple of nights filled with discarded bedsheets, going downstairs to sleep in the cooler living room and cursing usless little fans that do nothing but blow hot air around. Of course being at work was easier owing to the air conditioning unit we have installed there. Reading reports on the future climate change has me thinking long term. How are we going to adapt? On days like these, I’d like to think a simple AC unit everywhere would be a blooming good start.
Many people have been stating the reasons for this apparent climate change. To them I say, don’t go jumping the gun just yet.
While we’re on the subject of weather (stop yawning), check out this online art show called ‘Painting the Weather‘. There are exhibitions being held over Britain showcasing weather-inpired art. I love ‘Sudden Shower at Ohashi Bridge at Atake‘ as it features rain, my favourite kind of weather. Rain inspires me in a different, more “dance in the garden” type of way.

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August 7th, 2003
The Wait

I waited eight years for this. Eight years since seeing Terminator 2: Judgement Day, falling in love with it and waiting with baited breath for the next movie. The moment was finally here. We had booked tickets for it already and got to the cinema unusually early. It looked like lady luck was on our side, granting us the best seats in the house.
From the word go, it was bang bang bang. This was certainly not a slow starter of a film. And then it happened. I needed to go to the powder room. But no, I’ve waited eight years, I’m not going to let this mess it up! I resisted……..not for long. Soon I was squirming, crossing my legs and even looking adventurously at the paper cup I was holding. And then I gave up. I literally ran (as fast as you can whilst trying not to embarass yourself) to the ladies and then ran back. Relief. I could enjoy the movie once more.
Okay, it wasn’t amazing, there were several holes in the storyline and Arnie was slightly too much of a comic relief for my liking but as far as action movies go it was satisfactory. It also looks like there may be another movie in the series to look forward to. Next time, I’m travelling light.
p.s. The site’s back (obviously)!

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July 25th, 2003
One day

The one day I work a ten non-stop hours day. The one day I come home totally knackered. The one day I want to just crash on my bed at 10 p.m. and sleep. That one day some ass decides to let off fireworks. In the rain even. Thanks pal.
On a brighter note, check out these adverts, past and present, we British get to enjoy. Some of these are absolute gold and others are poo. Nuff said.

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July 1st, 2003

I’m confused, I truly am.
People say one thing when they mean another. People try to tell you they did something when they didn’t, they did like the opposite! “I’m mowing the lawn!” No you’re not, you’re reading the latest Joan Collins novel! “I’m taking a bath!” But all evidence points to you drinking tea….it could even be coffee.
I feel like I need to call a meeting with all of these people. I will chair it, you, please take minutes.
This meeting will take about two hours (all the best meetings take about half an hour but this will only be a mediocre meeting. Mediocre is a funny word that makes me giggle….I digress).
In it I will stress the importance of clarity in my life. I think at this point the chinchillas will be up in arms and shout such retorts as “The moon is square I say!” We’ll have to ignore them (and please strike that from the minutes). I don’t know why they behave like that, they’re usually such docile creatures until a meeting is called.
After much discussion an amicable solution will be agreed. You won’t confuse me, I won’t bite your ears. It is a fair world once again.
The giant man on a unicycle will be the last to leave the board room. It takes him a while to get back onto the cycle. It’s a balance thing I’m told.
Wow, it’s ten o’clock already. Let us have some Lucozade and watch the stars.

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June 19th, 2003
Window of Serenity

As the sun set today, I sat on my bed next to the open window and did nothing but breathe in my surroundings. I don’t often do that anymore since being caught up in this rat race. A race that takes more than it gives back.
I appreciated it. I was thankful that I could see the dark clouds slowly rolling by. Thankful that I could hear the chirping of the birds that have set up home in a nearby air vent. Mostly thankful for the fresh evening breeze blowing onto my face.
It’s good to be alive.

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June 10th, 2003
The Sky is Falling Down

I felt like Chicken Licken today only it wasn’t a mere acorn but a 2 foot by 1 foot mother loving ceiling tile that came crashing down, one nanometre from my head. I sat there pale and quivering for about half an hour. It’s nice to be safe in the workplace.
Also: Bonsai parking?

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June 9th, 2003
Partied Out


I’m all partied out from this weekend. It’s a hard life, it really is.

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June 3rd, 2003
The animals went in two by two, Hoorah! Hoorah!

Elephant Bums.JPG

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May 30th, 2003
I May Tread on you Ducky, Be Careful

Little Duckling.JPG
I was like yeah.
He was like no.
I was like what?
He was like huh?
Then I was like right.
And he was like you think?
I was like yep, it’s flipping hot.

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May 28th, 2003
Nokia 7250

nokia7250.jpg I am now the proud owner of a Nokia 7250. It’s a beaut! Now all I need is a data cable or to figure out how to blog from it and I’ll be all set.
The only problem with all this technology is waiting for friends and relatives to catch up so you can make full use of it.
I also bought a Polaroid…..I’m going picture crazy y’all!

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